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Island Considers Program to Raise Oysters

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SBO Joins Oyster Farmer Panel

  Aw shucks: Oyster Farmers dish on Aquaculture  March 1, 2022 Read Article  HERE

Oyster Class at CAST's North Fork Culinary Program

  North Fork Culinary Program Southold Bay Oysters - Oyster Culinary Class Now in its third year, CAST’s North Fork Culinary Program (NFCP) is really taking off. Most importantly, we’ve added an adult program due to popular demand by both our clients and partnering chefs and restaurants. And we’ve moved in-house, utilizing our fully-equipped and modern Wechsler Family Teaching Kitchen. NFCP is organized by CAST’s Education & Enrichment Director Erica Steindl and led by chefs Tess Wonderling (youth program) and Ethan Crook (adult program) plus a cohort of local chefs and bakers. The adult program, held on Monday and Tuesday mornings, has generated lively camaraderie among the students from day one. Wonderful aromas fill the air and blend with the sounds of chopping and laughter. The high school students follow in the afternoons. They needed a little more time to get into the groove but shucking, preparing and eating oysters on February 15 with Southold Bay Oysters’ Ben Gonzalez and